Polish Donors Forum is an association of independent grantmaking organizations operating in Poland with an aim to support public benefit causes. Its mission is to help the development of organized philanthropy in Poland and promote the best practices of grantmaking.

The Forum sees its role as an institution that integrates Polish donors community around common issues and provides support and leadership to the institutional donors to help them serve better their grantees and improve effectiveness of their grantmaking. It acts as a platform for experience sharing and exchange of information and expertise, encouraging peer learning and promotion of good practices in the donors community. It conducts educational and research activity on financial and non-financial support of public benefit causes, works to improve donors’ grantmaking skills and procedures and through the promotion of self-regulatory mechanisms and observance of high standards of operation, strives to raise public image of grantmaking foundations in Poland.

The Forum undertakes also activities aimed at creating favourable conditions for giving and transparent and friendly environment for donors and their grantees. It represents the donors organizations in relation with public authorities and business sector and media and cooperates with other segments of NGO community in Poland and sister donors organizations abroad.


Donors Forum was created in 2002 as a Donors Forum Initiative by nine leading Polish grantmaking foundations. It was formally registered as a union of associations and foundations on September 22, 2004. In the two first years of its activity (2002-2004) Forum operated as an informal coalition - Polish Donors Initiative, serving as a platform of opinion sharing and exchange of experience among nine leading operating foundations in Poland.

In 2003 the group undertook steps to formalize its activities: it developed the standards of good grantmaking and the criteria for membership, adopted the statute and applied for the registration. In September 2004 the group was registered as a union of nine associations and foundations.

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