Who we are

What is the Donors Forum?

The Donors Forum in Poland is a union of independent and financially independent organizations granting subsidies for socially useful purposes.

The Forum brings together foundations and associations that grant grants for various initiatives             citizenship carried out for the public good. These organizations operate in such areas             as: science and education, social assistance, health protection, cultural heritage and art,             environmental protection, combating unemployment, development of civil society, development             rural areas and entrepreneurship, respect for human rights, cooperation             International. Each of them defines their own goals, priorities, rules and standards for granting             support. The recipients of help of our members are most often other non-governmental organizations,             civic informal groups, educational and cultural institutions, and sometimes also people             individual. The Donors Forum in Poland was established to improve the skills of funders             and disseminate good practices in the awarding of subsidies. Through his actions he tries             also create friendly and transparent conditions for the development of grant-giving activities             and build social credibility of organizations, companies and institutions that become so             they occupy the business.

The group of founders of the Donors Forum has been operating since 2002. September 22, 2004 The Donors Forum in Poland was registered under the number KRS 0000217821 in the National Court Register as an association.

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